VACenter Hosting provides an easy way to get started with VACenter. You don't have to manage your own server, and can pay comparatively lower prices for better services.

VACenter Hosting Key Advantages

Cheaper Alternative

VACenter Hosting's free plan offers better pricing than comparative offers by hosting providers.

Easier to Manage

VACenter Hosting's does all the heavy lifting for you. It means you never have to interact with a terminal.

Straight from the Developer

By using VACenter Hosting, you use the hosting service recommended by the developer, making VACenter very optimised.




  • Free Domain
  • VACenter Instance
  • Discord Support
  • Shared Server



  • Custom Domain Support
  • PIREP Images
  • Beta Updates
  • Dedicated Server

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Standard Dedicated
VACenter Instance
Free Domain
Personal Support
No User Limits
Dedicated Server
PIREP Images
Beta Updates
Custom Code

VACenter ❤️ Open Source

VACenter is open source software, than can be installed on any capable computer. VACenter is, and will remain free, and the hosting service only provides a computer to run VACenter on.